Naked – A Poem

I was a unicorn and you were my mare,

Tragic that now you are no less than my worst nightmare.

I thought I was a dove who brought you peace,

Disappointed to absorb that your intentions had always been sleaze.

I was bewitched to become your bitch,

Forgetting that you were a wizard possessing the right to ditch.

I was an open book and you were my diary,

Oh, how I wished to not make you the reason for my misery.

I was a weak soul who confided in you her fears,

Only further giving you the strength to be the reason for my tears.

I gave you my heart which was no less than gold,

Realizing later with regret that it was a beast to who I had sold.

I was your double hydrogen and you were my oxygen,

Unfortunately, our chemistry produced waters of toxic origin.

I was a descent lass attracted to your natural scent,

But you were a thorny cactus with deceitful intent.

I was prepared to be your weed for you to get high,

However yet, all you turned out to be was a manipulative sly.

I considered your love to be my drug,

Unconscious enough to hand my life to an infected bug.

I could never imagine a future that didn’t have you,

But now I’m glad it was only the present which got screwed.

I was crazy enough to hand you my body sacred,

Which you meant to love only when it was naked.

[Image credits: I have no idea. Someone sent this picture to me and they didn’t know either. Let me know if you know!]


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