I Didn’t Expect To Be Expecting by Richa S Mukherjee

Book Review #60 – I Didn’t Expect To Be Expecting by Richa S Mukherjee

(General Rating – 5 Stars)

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My Actual Rating: 4.5/5
Goodreads Rating: 4/5 (as of July 22, 2018)
Genre: Contemporary/Humor
Pages: 331
Published: 2018, HarperCollins Publishers
Preferred Age Group: YA
Series/Stand-Alone: Stand-Alone
Recommended to All: Yes.
Special Comment: Copying this from the back-cover of the book: “An irreverent, honest and funny journey down the road—the potholes and all—to (accidental) parenthood!”

Cover Blurb

Tara is living a blessed life in the maximum city with her husband, Abhimanyu, the love of her life. At the pinnacle of her career, she is the apple of her parents’ eye and hasn’t spotted a wrinkle yet—so far, the 30s are looking great!

Nothing fazes Tara—not a foul-mouthed best friend or a food-burning arch-nemesis in the form of her maid—not even a landlady who chats with ghosts.

And then, Tara discovers that she’s pregnant, and suddenly, all that well-honed composure crumbles. It doesn’t help that she’s got an equally jittery (if supportive) husband by her side. Now, Tara must face her anxieties about parenthood as she navigates friendships, marriage and career, all the while dealing with the fact that her body and mind are steadily feeling like they belong to someone else.

An irreverent, honest and funny journey down the road—potholes and all—to (accidental) parenthood!

My Review

“I received a copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.”

I have no idea what is it about the journey of a pregnant woman to deliver her child that I find funny. Perhaps it is the hilarious things that they say or maybe it’s just the hilarity of the situation (I mean, more often than not, these women do not expect this pregnancy). But whatever it is, I just LOVE such stories. (Even though, this is only the third one that I’ve read (*smiles sheepishly*).

I Didn’t Expect To Be Expecting is the story of the Punjabi Kudi Tara, married to a sweet bong for a husband, Abhimanyu. She is at the high point of her career, relishing in being the best at what she is doing, until she gets stuck with this pregnancy. What is more is that she is completely unprepared for it. The couple did not want a kid. They did not plan for one. Why then did they get stuck with such a thing? Stupid, stupid condom company!

But oh well, despite how terrified Tara and Abhimanyu are with this pregnancy, this mistake is where the fun for us readers begins. This book was a really light read, something I’d recommend you if you’re okay with reading about a bunch of thirty-year-old lunatics. I know that I am! And that is why, I follow the lives of Tara and Abhimanyu and their group of friends (Shoma, Mani, Saina and Kabir) and the ruckus they create.

When I sat down to read this book last night, I did not expect myself to finish this book so quickly, but what can I say? That is how easy it was to read Mukherjee’s writing style. The flow of the book was beautiful and the only breaks that I took were the ones where I needed to satisfy my thirst after reading so much. The book holds a lot of emotions — terrific emotions, highlighting each character’s inner feelings. I loved Tara’s sass throughout the book and particularly enjoyed her poking her nose in others’ business because well, everything was just so hilarious that I doubled up laughing after almost every page.

Oh and did I mention how developed the characters were? They had that depth that most characters today lack. Their dialogues, their feelings, their emotions—everything seemed so realistic that I couldn’t for a moment doubt that the story was unfolding in front of me.

In a nutshell, this was a very funny book and I enjoyed reading it till the end. Mukherjee has done a great job in penning it down and her language throughout is simply spectacular. Plus, it is a must read (and a light read) for all—especially for those who are at the brink of getting married or getting pregnant (luckily I’m neither!). So seriously, just go and buy it here.

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